Are you a medical student or family medicine resident from outside Alberta who is interested in an elective with our clinic?  Please email Mandy Dale, the Rural Electives Coordinator at the Distributed Learning and Rural Initiatives office at the University of Calgary, at rmelect"at"ucalgary"dot"ca

One of the core values of the Moose & Squirrel Medical Clinic is medical teaching. All of our physicians have been granted academic appointments with the Departments of Family Medicine at both the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary. The MSMC has developed an outstanding reputation with both Alberta medical schools, and is considered to be one of the pre-eminent clinics in rural Alberta for teaching medical students, residents, and other learners in the health professions.

Our clinic has been recognized by the Professional Association of Resident Physicians of Alberta for our commitment to medical education and resident well-being.

Medical students are university students who are in medical school and have not yet received their MD. The final two years of the MD program involve caring for patients at clinics and hospitals under a doctor’s supervision.

Resident physicians are doctors who have received their MD, and are enrolled in a two-year program to become nationally certified as specialists in Family Medicine. Residents assume an increasing amount of responsibility for patient care as they progress through their two years of specialized training.

We teach medical students and Family Medicine residents from the University of Calgary and the University of Alberta, and take visiting elective students and residents from programs across Canada. We usually have two or three medical learners working with us in the clinic at a time. It is important that medical students and residents have an opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge by seeing patients every day. During your visit, part or all of your care may be provided by a student or resident (male or female), but your care will always be overseen by your physician.

The following is a list of the medical students, family medicine residents, nurse practitioner students and other learners whom we have taught at the MSMC since opening in 2013.

Our Medical Education Alumni

  • Jordyn Vanderveen
  • Dr. Murray Rodych
  • Dr. Katy Anderson
  • Kayla Nelson
  • Jessica Pow
  • Laura Craig
  • Jennifer Burdett
  • Dr. Carly Crewe
  • Treena Trustham
  • Dr. Donna Neufeld
  • Dr. Kelli Taylor
  • Josh Bezanson
  • Shauna Fleshman
  • Tammy Surbey
  • Dr. Stephen Annand
  • Jennifer Chen
  • Dr. Lynnsey Frunchak
  • Karina Pillay
  • Manjot Mander
  • Dr. Brittany Craigen
  • Indy Sahota
  • Dr. Jonathan Wong
  • Michael Arget
  • Andrea Johnson
  • Sean Davis
  • Irina Roman
  • Ryan Leigh
  • Dr. Lance Frieburger
  • Alysha Keehn
  • Kristin Burles
  • Jinghui Hu
  • Dr. Tara Dawn
  • Kim Hogarth
  • Dr. Mika Hemphill
  • Stephanie Nantes
  • Dr. Danielle Cherniak
  • Priscilla Yung
  • Erika Fridfinnson
  • Dr. Keely Abercrombie
  • Dr. Sarah Roshko
  • Lauren Standerwick
  • Dr. Xiao Yuan
  • Kathleen Degner
  • Dr. Jenny Duke
  • Dr. Chelsea Henry
  • Colin Archer
  • Dr. Anthony Willmot
  • Abby Steinberg
  • Dr. Alanna Bowie
  • Dr. Jenny Strong
  • Jordan Holdaway
  • Dr. Paras Satija
  • Will Tsang
  • Amanda Leslie
  • Stephanie Smith
  • Marie DeCock
  • Hillary Gazie
  • Dr. Chantal Badger
  • Meghan Jackson
  • Dr. Sarah Jo
  • Dr. Kevin Janz
  • Kristina Lea
  • Dr. Amy Cockburn
  • Dr. Nashwan Safar
  • Monica Chawla
  • Isabella Tu
  • Dr. Dane Edwards
  • Dr. Kate Chevalier
  • Dr. Alexandra Zamponi