As part of our clinic modernization this year we will be changing our computer systems to a new electronic patient charting system that will allow us to provide better, safer, and more efficient care and make it easier to securely share health information with other providers and our patients. Our team has been hard at work the past several months making sure that our current computerized charts are up to date and ready for the transition.

**Our clinic will be closed the afternoon of Friday May 4th and all day on Wednesday May 9th to help transfer charts to the new system and to train our entire team on the new software. Our new system will be up and running Thursday May 10th!**

We appreciate your patience and tolerance with us as we adjust to our new system. Once we are comfortable in clinic with the new software, we hope to begin introducing some exciting new options for patients who are interested, including such things as secure electronic communication to your health care team to ask non-urgent medical questions; online prescription refill requests; online appointment booking; and more! We would like to eventually develop a secure online "patient portal" to provide access for patients to review their own test results, and this more modern software should allow us to develop that in the future. We believe our new computer system will increase access to medical care and convenience for our patients and are excited to begin!